Dorothy Merritt, MD

Family Medicine Physician in La Marque, TX

Dorothy Merritt, MD

Dororthy Merritt MD has been in Galveston County since 1987. She is board certified in Internal Medicine. She was a principal investigator for a National Institutes for Health (NIH) study on EDTA Chelation and has over 25 years of experience administering EDTA infusions. She is the national instructor for ACAM’s chelation certification course and teaches chelation for several other national organizations, too. During the pandemic she discovered how much she liked telemedicine because it allowed her to see patients in their work or home location and on the same day if necessary.

As of April 2023, if a patient meets the criteria, Dr. Merritt has a license to prescribe low dose THC/CBD preparations via the Dept of Public Safety CURT program. Seizures, PTSD(post traumatic stress disorder), cancer, and progressive neurological degenerative disease are some of the common conditions. Go to https://guides.sll.texas.gov/cannabis/compassionate-use for a more complete list of conditions covered.

She sees patients in the office for a week every 3-4 months but maintains a concierge telemedicine service that is available 24/7.  For patients who need to be examined further, on site appointments are available at Family Practice by Candace Nichols, NP who has a gift with complicated Internal Medicine patients.

How does “concierge telemedicine” work:

Dr. Merritt has regularly scheduled hours weekly but is available other times by email request. At this time, telemedicine visits are $75-$100 cash pay (no insurance to be filed at this time), which are based on 2 or less problems or refills or  > 2 refills or problems.  Forms and prior authorizations are available at an extra charge.  Onsite visits with NP are filed with insurance. She can do your annual wellness exams and lab; Dr Merritt will review them as part of her supervisory role.  Call the office to confirm if your insurance is in effect at the office.  Due to her recent move to BATC FP from her previous Dickinson location, many insurances are being approved under Candace Nichols, NP and Dr. Dorothy Merritt.

EDTA chelation Consults: Brief telemedicine consult is available at no charge

EDTA information:  youtube.com/@ETDAchelationdrdorothymerritt

Appointments:  409-655-2770 or schedule online for telemedicine

Online telemedicine and EDTA schedule

Fax:   833-464-4406

Medical records

To have medical records sent electronically to Family Practice from her previous clinic location, use the following link to fill out and send the release of information (request electronic-not paper) 

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